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Solar Panel Valeting Services

Our solar panel cleaning can improve efficiency of your solar power

Our unique cleaning service of hand washing your solar panels using water of up to 100˚C means that we’re able to destroy all of the algae and lichen spores without unnecessary scrubbing that can damage the glass.

Fargil Conservatory Valeting

Premium Solar Panel Valeting

Solar panels work by absorbing sunlight through photovoltaic cells and converting the photons into electricity. The more sunlight the cells absorb, the more power the panels generate. Conversely, when the cells gather, a build-up of dust and dirt will mean that the system does not perform to its optimum potential.

Because solar panels are typically installed on the roofs of houses they suffer from general atmospheric dirt such as exhaust fumes, tree sap, moss and defecating birds. As a result, the solar cells are less effective which ultimately reduces the output of electricity.

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The Fargil hot water cleaning solution

By instructing Fargil to clean your solar panels, you can benefit from the unique way that we approach our cleaning services.  We’re fully aware of cold water and brush systems that not only scratch the glass but also are less effective of removing tree sap or bird droppings.  At Fargil, our hand washing is carried out using water of up to 100 degrees.  This means that we’re able to destroy all of the algae and lichen spores – without damaging the glass.  

Once clean, we treat the panels with polish so that they become anti-static and remain cleaner for longer.  Using this system means that you should only have to clean the panels every 3 years or so, unlike every 6 months if washed using a cold water system which has the potential to cause more damage.  Should you prefer a less complex clean, we can offer a standard brush wash combined with hot water, which is unlike any other cleaning company’s offering. 


Fargil use water temperatures of up to 100° when cleaning solar panels. Our unique hot water system  softens and absorbs dirt much more effectively than a cold water system ensuring your glass panels are not damaged

Prevent birds & rodents getting under the panels

Fargil also offer a very useful product to prevent birds and rodents getting under the panels. 

There are a variety of bird mesh available but a lot are inferior quality and will rust over time. We only use a galvanised mesh and it is cut on site to ensure a tight fit and is held in place with special clips and rods which means no drilling or screwing onto the panels.

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Delivering Optimum Solar Panel Efficiency

A report published by the World Academy of Science, Engineering & Technology confirmed that “One of the contributing factors in the drop of efficiency in solar PV panels is the accumulated dust on the solar panel. In practice, dust must be removed from the surface of solar PV panels in order to ensure highest performance.”

Furthermore, solar panel manufacturers and installation companies say solar panels must be cleaned by a professional solar panel cleaning company in order for the warranty to remain valid. Which is why it’s essential you maintain maximum efficiency of your electricity supply by choosing professional experts that have a proven track record of cleaning solar panels effectively.

Official figures published by the Solar Energy Power Association and The National Renewable Energy Laboratory reveal unattended solar panels can lose up to 25% of their energy output.

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