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Conservatory Valeting

Fargil are pioneers in the UK’s conservatory valeting industry. 

We were the first company to provide a specialist conservatory valet and successfully establish a high quality of service that sets us apart from standard conservatory cleaning services.

Fargil Conservatory Valeting
Roof-Dirty Repaired window frame

Conservatory Valeting Specialists

It is recommended that conservatories are valeted every three years or so depending on how much you use them.

A thorough conservatory valet prevents the accumulation of dirt and improves the aesthetics and the feel. As a matter of fact, a conservatory valet transforms your conservatory back to the fresh state it was when you first installed it.

Consequently, conservatory valeting is a premium service. However, due to the nature and complexity of cleaning conservatories, specialist knowledge and equipment is required.

Cleaning conservatories to the highest standard

Established in 2009, Fargil has a proven track record of cleaning conservatories to the highest standard. We are so confident of performing the job correctly, we offer a one-year guarantee against leakage on all the standard valets we provide.

The reason for this is because our conservatory valeting service goes beyond a standard cleaning. We also focus on refurbishment and repairs where it is required.

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The Art of Conservatory Valeting

There is an art to cleaning conservatories. We appreciate that sounds bizarre, but a large percentage of our call-outs are to remedy leaks and damage caused by other conservatory cleaning companies.

As conservatories age, they become brittle and the seals become less pliable. The risk of causing damage is therefore higher than other rooms around the house.

One of the problems we have found with conservatory cleaning companies is they offer conservatory valeting as a sideline service. When they realise how difficult conservatory valeting is, they dispense offering the service.

Cleaning companies that advertise conservatory valeting services seldom have the specialist knowledge or the right equipment to clean conservatories correctly. Inevitably they cause damage, which is costly to their revenue and their reputation.

The Superior Conservatory Valet

The Fargil hot water cleaning solution

Another unique procedure we use is our hot water system that can produce temperatures of up to 100 degrees. This enables us to warm the framework and seals so we can efficiently and effectively remove ingrained dirt and kill algae spores.

If you have ever tried cleaning your dishes with cold water then you will understand why we use hot water. It’s much more effective at removing grease and ground-in-dirt.


Fargil use water temperatures of up to 100° when cleaning conservatories. Using a hot water system  softens and absorbs dirt much more effectively than a cold water system

Conservatory Valeting service - with that little bit extra

As part of our valeting service, we are readily prepared with supplies to rectify anything that might go wrong including end caps, clips, sealants and screw covers. We anticipate that most people probably won’t have spares to hand!

In the event of your conservatory suffering from other issues which require minor or major repairs, or even all-out refurbishments, we can handle that for you as well.

The Fargil promise...

Our specialist conservatory valeting service eliminates algae from the outside for at least three years and mould from indoors for at least five years.

Furthermore, any replacement products we supply and fit have a full 10-year guarantee. Whether your conservatory is built from PVCu, aluminium, timber, glass or polycarbonate we will clean, repair, or refurbish until the room looks and feels as it did the day you first had it installed.


Conservatory Refurbishment

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Conservatory Repair

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Wood Repairs

Wood Repairs

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Covid-19 Information

Fargil are continuing to work through this difficult period. We have implemented extra safety measures during this time as the safety of our staff and customers is our priority. We hope to continue working through this but will keep you informed if anything changes.